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Fixing the problem with accessing the VCenter from web after vSphere 5.0 installation

Maybe you wonder (just like I did) why it’s not possible to manage vCenter from web browser after installing vSphere Web Client which should make this possible.

After vSphere Web Client successful installation, I opened up a main vCenter web page running on https://vcenter_ip and clicked on “Log in to vSphere Web Client” which gave me this error:

In order for this direct link to work, you must first log in to the vSphere Web Client at least once from https://{webclient-host}:{webclient-https-port}.

After googling around a bit I found many users having the same problem and also found few solutions including the official one by VMware.

All what needs to be done is to register a vCenter Server System with the vSphere Web Client. Official document by VMware covering this can be found here

In short, you need to open a command line and perform these actions:

  • Go to appropriate directory where Web Client is installated (by default: C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\vSphere Web Client\Scripts.)
  • run this command: admin-cmd.bat register https://<vSphere-web-client-url>:9443/vsphere-client https://<vcenter-server-url> <username> <password>

After this, you should be able to access Web Client from remote computer as https://<vSphere-web-client-url>:9443

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8 Responses to “Fixing the problem with accessing the VCenter from web after vSphere 5.0 installation”

  • yo says:

    The directory is:
    C:\>cd “Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\vSphereWebClient\scripts”
    admin-cmd.bat doesn’t exist there using vCenter 5.5 on 2012

  • steve says:

    In my case, I was getting the same error and my workaround was to install Flash player 12 on the server I was trying to launch the webclient from.Worked fine after that…see VMware KB (2007713)

  • Steve says:

    When you say user id, which user id?

    • hello, according to VMware documentation:

      username is the username to use for registering
      password is the password to use for registering

      Unfortunately, it’s quite a long time since I’ve done this but this should be an administrator’s password.

      • Steve says:

        I did a install (not simple) and the BAT file isn’t there. Thanks for the confirming the user id and password. I’m newer to vmware but this web client is a pain

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